WATCH: Indian-origin woman fights off robbers with steel chair

WATCH: Indian-origin woman fights off robbers with steel chair

Forget machetes and guns, this woman scared off robbers with a chair!

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Patel, grandmother of two girls 4 and 2 did not think once before chasing off the thieves. (Source: iCloud Channel/ Youtube)

How would you feel if two robbers with machetes in hand rage into your store? Well, intimidated for sure, no second thoughts. But fear is not an option here in this case; instead like Maa Durga she charged the ‘demons’ with her weapon – a foldable steel chair!

Yes, a CCTV footage has gone viral, which shows a woman charging towards two machete-wielding thieves who tried to rob her shop in north-west England. The sight of the 56-year-old woman rushing with zeal and anger scared the robbers driving them out off the store. The elfin-video of just eight seconds have impressed everyone and Netizens are talking about her valour.

The woman identified as Hamalata Patel has owned the shop with her husband since 1984 and said she had never experienced an incident like it in her shop before. The Indian origin woman told PTI, “The shop was empty when two lads walked in holding the machetes. They were shouting at me and I just told them ‘if you need it then take it’ but one of them banged the machete on the counter and started to damage the shop so I just lost the plot.”

On enquiring how did she challenge the balaclavas-clad robbers with the chair, she said, “We have a chair that we leave out for some of our older customers so I picked it up and chased them out of the shop while I shouted at them, ‘okay, if you ask for it then you are going to get it and I’m coming for you’,” she said.

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The robbers left the shop empty handed and were later arrested by the police. Patel said she feels sorry for the two teenagers who came in for the robbery but agrees they have done wrong.