This satire video of a north eastern girl getting back at ‘Mainland Indians’ is a must watch

This satire video of a north eastern girl getting back at ‘Mainland Indians’ is a must watch

After being at the receiving end of the wrong stereotypes, a North-East Indian girl now pokes fun at the so called 'Mainland Indians'.

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It’s pay back time, it seems! (Source : Miss Imsong/Youtube)

People belonging to the North-Eastern states of India have time and again faced insensitive and stereotyped remarks from their fellow citizens from other parts of the country. From irrational questions like ‘Do you live in tree houses?’ to insulting jibes like ‘Why do you look different from us?, they have to put up to a barrage of hogwash. But, hang on! What if the tables are turned? What if roles are reversed?

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In a refreshing break from the norms, a Youtube video shared by Miss Imsong – a girl from the North-East, shows her poking fun at the ones from the so-called ‘Mainland Indian’. With the right expressions and a sarcastic tone, the girl pulls it off brilliantly and clearly draws our attention to the discrimination and plight the North-Easterns in India and what they have to endure so often.

Imsong pays back the offenders in their same coin by taking a dig at a North Indian name and asking them if they can speak Sanskrit apart from saying other satirical things, just like the North-Easterns are subjected to a lot of misconceptions and generalisations that people hold about them.

Watch the video.