Watch: ‘I won’t eat chicken or meat’ insists this animal-loving 5-year-old

There is no countering this five-year-old's logic. We think PETA should just make her their mascot!

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: September 15, 2016 3:30:50 pm
girl-vegetarian_759_yt This girl means it when she says that she won’t eat meat from now on. (Source: Reem Makhoul/YouTube)

Many of us love our pets beyond what words can say. We would not mind fighting any battle for them. After all, a girl in Bengaluru recently refused to marry a guy just because he didn’t like dogs (read the story here). Taking things a step further is this adorable little girl who refused to eat chicken and meat, and any other animal because she loved them.

In a video that has taken the Internet by storm, this tiny tot – almost in tears – reasons with who appears to be her mom recording her, saying she will eat “anything that is on the table”, but not chicken or meat! That’s right! Five-year-old Zada could not hold back her tears when she figured that meat came from animals and has made up her mind to turn vegetarian!

The child’s mother asked her why would she not want to eat chicken any more. To which, she states the obvious: “Because, they are animals! And I like animals!” She’s not just a cat or a dog person like most of us, guys. She has no such animal kingdom classist preferences. She loves all animals. All of them!

“I don’t miss eating chicken and meat,” Zada categorically says. And she looks like she means business. And fish? her mother asks. Now going by her clear logic that she will not do any harm to animals, Zada first confirms if fish are animals. When her mother said yes, she doesn’t blink twice before saying with an air of absolute surity, ” I won’t eat that, either.” Considering that animals do not have a union or redressal committees of their own, she even spoke on their behalf when she said that the probably don’t like being cooked in the ovens.

The video showing the cute girl’s sudden realisation has been winning hearts on the Internet and Facebook has won her some admirers for life.

Watch the video here.

Here’s what many Facebook users had to say about her video.

We would not want to mess with stern little Ms Zada here, now do we?

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