WATCH: This powerful video explaining the LGBTQ identities and sexuality is a must watch

It's high time we get over our ignorance about gender identities and treat everyone with equal respect.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 9, 2017 10:25:13 pm
The video gives us an insight to lesser-known gender identities. (Source: Elle India/ Youtube)

Prejudice, bias, insult and abuse are inevitable parts in the life of a person from the LGBTQ community in India. Blame it on the narrow mind or lack of knowledge, but the struggle is real. Don’t we often confuse gender and sexuality or believe all gender identities to be synonymous?Well, there’s no harm if one doesn’t know as long as they do not ridicule someone who doesn’t identify with the male-female binary. But, it’s high time we get our basics right.

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Taking a wonderful initiative to help people treat them with equal respect, Elle India brought together four people from the LGBTQ community to echo a voice, educate and enlighten people about the gender identities they need to know. In the videos, they also shed light on the hardships they endure because of ignorance about queer identities.

Watch the video here.


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