WATCH: Cute baby throws up hands in air after being swaddled in viral video

Internet's latest sensation.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 9, 2017 1:11:38 pm
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If you’re on Facebook, there is no way you haven’t seen and re-seen and seen yet again this video of 5-month-old Kaden being ‘unwrapped’ by dad and stretching out his hands in the most cutest way possible. A video of him throwing his her hands in the air after being swaddled has gone viral and is garnering millions of views even as we type this.

Dad Kent Siri noticed the pattern and started to record Kaden and the way his arms would spring out set to various a clip from Braveheart and following it up with several other music pieces. Soon, li’l Kaden and his arm throwing ritual on being ‘unwrapped’ took the Internet by storm.

Here’s the original post that started it all (over 11 million views now!)


And here’s Kaden throwing his hands up to a series of music clips. This will make your day.


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