Video: Chinese man drinks chilli oil to get famous; lands up in hospital

Video: Chinese man drinks chilli oil to get famous; lands up in hospital

His extreme, dare-devil act ultimately ended with a stay in hospital for two weeks. (Mission accomplished?)

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A barbecue shop owner from Neijiang city in Sichuan Province attempted the stunt to gain fame and boost his products’ sale. (Source: CCTV News/ Facebook)

In the Digital Age, the axiom ‘instant fame’ has often taken a dangerous turns and gone completely wrong. Arguably, it guarantees fame and one may become an online sensation and – to some extent – even celebrities, but sometimes it comes at the cost of personal harm.

A recent video released by the CCTV of China shows a man attempting such a shortcut-to-fame stunt by consuming chilli oil! Yes, nothing but the deadly spicy oil.

Posting the video on their Facebook page, the news channel wrote, “A barbecue shop owner live-streamed himself drinking chilli oil online, to gain more viewers and promote his products.”

The report said the live-streaming videos are a booming trend in the South Asian country and its current value in the market is estimated closely to $11 billion. No wonder this young man opted such a stunt as a marketing strategy for his products.


The video shows this man from Neijiang city, in Sichuan Province, displaying his product and then finally gulping the spicy oil – first with a big spoon and later drinking it from a glass. His extreme, dare-devil act ultimately reportedly ended with a stay in hospital for two weeks.

It seems obsession with the hot and spicy vegetable is not new and a growing trend. In August, a man taking the weirdness quotient a bit too far posted a video of himself bathing in 1250 bottles of hot chilli sauce! Likewise, last month, an American Chips and Tortillas company launched the world’s spiciest chips glazed with Carolina Reaper, the world’s hottest chilli. The company not only launched the product in boxes in shape of coffins, also dared people to take their one-chip-challenge of the hottest chip!

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