WATCH: Brave bride suffering from cancer throws wig away during her wedding

WATCH: Brave bride suffering from cancer throws wig away during her wedding

The brave bride, Jamie Steinborn, survived a 16-month-long battle with cervical cancer.

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Before tossing away bouquet, Jamie threw her wig away. (Source: Caters Clips/YouTube)

Bold is beautiful! And a bride’s heartwarming gesture at her wedding just proved that. Jamie Steinborn decided to ‘tie the knot’ with her fiance John Stephenson on May 12 in Texas, USA. A video that surfaced on social media shows the courageous bride blushing and counting up to three to toss off her wig into the air before the bouquet! According to the video description, Jamie survived a 16-month-long battle with cervical cancer.

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Jamie decided to make her wedding extra special by expressing that her bald head only shows courage and she is the real winner. In the video, the beautiful moment shows Jamie performing a few dance steps for her and leaves the entire house cheering in delight. Jamie then throws her wig high into the air and stuns all the guests before tossing the floral arrangement.

In an interview to Daily Mail, she said, “This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I wanted to show everyone that no matter what life throws at me that everything will be ok. Yes, it was my wedding day and yes, I wore a wig, but I feel just as blessed and beautiful bald-headed.” According to Daily Mail, Jamie is a mother of four kids. The video was posted by Caters Clips has gathered over 5,000 views, at the time of writing.

Watch the video here.

Isn’t it a bold move?