Watch: Australian shop attendant scares away armed robber using fistful of candy!

Watch: Australian shop attendant scares away armed robber using fistful of candy!

Any idea for a new weapon?

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The presence of mind and alertness shown by the attendant saved the store from being robbed. (Source: Sage Swinton/ Youtube)

It’s never easy to fight and stand up to protect your shop from armed robbers but some heroes are simply brilliant—with bravery and presence of mind. That’s exactly how a brave soul scared the buglers off and managed to save a store from an attempted robbery.

A CCTV video has gone viral, wherein a store attendant managed to defend himself by throwing fistful of candy! Yes, we know tales about hurling rotten eggs, tomatoes and ink (in case of India) but candies, surely that’s a first and a unique idea to shove away attackers.

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The incident took place in Aberdare, New South Whales, Australia when robbers came in a speeding car to invade a store, but thanks to the attendant’s valour, they could not even set a foot inside and fled from the scene in few seconds.

According to a report by the Maitland Mercury, “The balaclava-clad robber copped the barrage after trying to enter the BP service station while brandishing a metal bar at about 5.45am.” The attendant who was near the automatic sensor gates, noticed the veiled robber coming out of the vehicle and charged in full fury. “CCTV footage of the incident shows the offender fleeing to a getaway car parked at a petrol pump after the onslaught, where a driver and another passenger were waiting,” added the report.


Later the vehicle was discovered by the police burnt out at a distance. The police are looking for the trio who are still at large.

Watch video here

No matter what these robbers had intended and thought would be the consequences, they never must have imaged a Halloween trick-treat adventure!