Watch: Video of biker doing daring flips downhill will freak you out!

Looks like the 24-year-old French biker will not stop until he has secured the first position.

By: Express Web Desk | Kolkata | Updated: October 29, 2016 7:15:13 pm
antione-bizet-back-flip-759 Antoine Bizet is aiming for the first position in the 2017 Rampage. (Source: Antoine Bizet/ Facebook)

A biking expedition along cliffs and ridges is a dare-devil stunt in itself but to perform back-flips while racing downhill is a whole new ball game! Adrenaline level on an all-time high, we say.

A French biker, Antoine Bizet, known for his extreme sporting expedition, secured the second place in Red Bull Rampage 2016. Like one flip was not good enough, this biker finished his race in style with two back flips.The contest which claims itself to be the “mountain biking’s biggest, baddest big-mountain contest” certainly is not for the faint-hearted. Bizet’s video recording his race on the risky trails and his back-flips have stunned the world and have gone viral.

The contest organisers said the 2016 rampage was hosted on “an all-new, steeper-than-ever venue, with 100 percent natural terrain and no wooden man-built features”. Hosted in the rough terrains of Utah, the glimpse of the trail path will give anyone chills and to expect the bikers to back-flip along the path is just mind-boggling.

According to the Red Bull website, this was an act of “vengeance” by Bizet. “The fun-loving Frenchman came so close to landing what could have been the highest-scoring Rampage run of all time in 2015,” however he had crashed out in the final segment, the website said. This year Bizet came and secured the second position in the race, “landing Rampage’s first-ever double back-flip and riding with strength.”

The video shot by the biker on his GoPro camera is nauseating for any viewer. One will feel some strange sensation in their stomach seeing glimpse of the sky suddenly along the rocky path.

Not just once, the biker attempts three back flips in the entire video and you can totally feel the roller-coaster ride.

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