WATCH: An entire MP village mourned the death of a dog and held a funeral procession for him

WATCH: An entire MP village mourned the death of a dog and held a funeral procession for him

This remote village mourned the death of their dog who had lived witm them for about 27 years.

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A village in MP held a funeral ceremony for their dog. (Source: Pradesh18 English/YouTube)

Indians have mostly tended to show extreme emotions when it comes to being expressive. If they dislike you, there will be no holds barred to imply that to you, whether by words or actions. And if they take a liking to you, they will make sure you know how much they do. Even if you are a dog. Yes, unlike what is largely depicted of us at times, we are a large-hearted bunch and would go out of our way to do things for people, and animals too.

Just like the people in this Madhya Pradesh village, all came together to bid goodbye to their beloved dog who died, by holding a proper funeral procession for him! Yes, the locals of Namdar Pura, about 30 kilometers from Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal, recently conducted a grand funeral procession for Kalu, the dog who was guarding the village for a really long time. Kalu reportedly lived among the villagers as one of them for 27 long years. According to reports, the villagers carried the body of their dog in a jeep that they had beautifully decorated with flowers. Not just that, the procession was then accompanied by a band the villagers had arranged to play soothing music for old Kalu’s soul. As the procession progressed, people who had joined the funeral ceremony, showered the body of the dog with flowers. Certainly, all the villagers showed an exemplary instance of humanity and love, in times where humans have forgotten to be considerate towards each other.

Watch the video of the ceremony here.

The love people had for Kalu was so much that not just people from Namdar Pura. but those from the adjoining villages too, joined in the procession.