Watch: American TV host Stephen Colbert roots for Indian food

Late Night show host learns how to grate coconut, flip a roti and cut beans from a Mumbai native.

By: Team Express FoodIE | Mumbai | Updated: February 1, 2016 3:50:29 pm
colbert foodie_759_YT A little Bollywood dancing is mandatory when cooking Indian. Late Night show host Stephen Colbert in Indian-American Yamini Joshi’s kitchen. (Source: Youtube)

Whether it’s the trauma of not finding a tomato in his BLT, or making a puff pastry with a Chicago mathematician, Stephen Colbert loves to shine a light on food on The Late Night show. A couple of weeks ago, Colbert talked about The League of Kitchens, a New York City enterprise, which introduces foodies to immigrant cuisine. Or, as Colbert put it, “helps bridge cultures by offering culinary workshops with immigrants from all over the world.”

The 15-minute episode sees Colbert speak to former food writer and founder of The League Of Kitchens, Lisa Gross, before taking his show into Indian-American Yamini Joshi’s home. A Mumbai native and one of the culinary experts at The League Of Kitchens, Joshi introduces Colbert to the thali before delivering a lesson on Indian cooking. A few seconds into the video, Colbert cracks us up with his beef jokes and “Game Of Thrones” references, which are lost on Joshi.

At one point when the two of them are cooking chawli bhaji, Colbert tries a killer pun: “If that gets too brown, will it be called Charlie Brown bhaji?” Finally, after the mandatory Bollywood dancing (yes, in the middle of all that cooking), Joshi puts her foot down and says, “No More Fun.”

Did Colbert finally get down to business? Watch the video to find out.

Watch Part 1 here.


Watch Part 2 here.


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