Watch: AIB’s latest video is a hilarious and brutally honest summary of the iPhone 7 launch

Watch: AIB’s latest video is a hilarious and brutally honest summary of the iPhone 7 launch

AIB has called their latest video an "honest summary of the iPhone 7 announcement".

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AIB’s latest video mocks the iPhone 7 launch and its features. (Source: All India Bakchod/Facebook)

When Tim Cook announced the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in San Francisco, many were awed, while others dismayed. But almost everyone took to the Internet to express what they thought about the latest iPhone and contemplated selling their body organs so they could reach anywhere near buying the phone.

Yes, kidney selling jokes soared high on the Internet, and so did jokes on AirPods — the wireless headphones that Apple introduced. The men at All India Bakchod (AIB) — a digital entertainment channel could not resist either and joined in the hype around iPhone 7. AIB has released a two-minute video on their Facebook page, which on first look, might seem like the Apple product’s advertisement, but is what they have called an “honest summary of the iPhone 7 announcement”.

AIB’s reaction resonated with those of many others. Like any other average person who was eagerly awaiting the launch, AIB was disappointed when the moment finally arrived. And the sentiment clearly reflects in the hilarious video. They have taken everything to case, including the brand’s claim that they have introduced new features. The video has reiterated the fear the launch has instilled in people — of losing the AirPods as soon as you get them, because without wires attached, they have now become the easiest and clearly one of the most expensive things to lose! What more, they have even picked on Tim Cook for his recent Carpool Karaoke with Pharell Williams and James Corden for CBS’ The Late Late Show.

We warn, however, the video clip is filled with profanities.

Watch AIB’s ‘honest’ video here.

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