WATCH: A thirsty King Cobra drinking water from a water bottle has left the world dumbstruck

WATCH: A thirsty King Cobra drinking water from a water bottle has left the world dumbstruck

The video has not only stunned people around the world but has also raised serious concerns about global warming.

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The King Cobra had entered the village in search of water.

With summer almost here, the scorching sun makes it difficult to withstand the heat and the temperature is already soaring in many areas of India. Not just humans, animals suffer in the summer heat too, and the latest example was a King Cobra. Pouring water from a bottle to quench its thirst, villagers helped the dehydrated cobra in Karnataka’s Kaiga township.

Yes, a mind-blogging clip has gone viral where a 12-foot-long poisonous King Cobra is seen gulping down water from a pet bottle. The venomous snake entered the village in its quest for water and was seen hovering around a water dispenser. The village called in forest officials and the police for help. After the thirsty reptile was rescued, one of the brave officials extended a bottle of water. To everyone’s surprise, the exhausted snake drank the water from the bottle.

One of the men seen in the video — CN Naykka, the deputy range forest officer of Karwar forest range — later told The News Minute that it is quite common during summer months. He disclosed that the snake was spotted around 12.30pm and it seemed to be dehydrated due to extreme heat. Naykka then offered it water and took it to a rescue centre. Saying that it is the mating season and some cobras wander into residential areas, he added that whenever a cobra is spotted, the locals first offer water to it.

Watch the video here.


Earlier, buzz was that the area is drought-hit and that’s why the cobra had to be fed through a water bottle. Dismissing the rumours, Naykka said the “Kali River, which runs through the Karwar Forest Range is flush with water and so are the backwaters located near the Kaiga Power Plant.”