Watch: Foreigner bluffs drunk man and goes off with his bike!

With their love for Bollywood and Mumbai these foreigners have left the the Internet in split every time.

By: Trends Desk | Kolkata | Updated: November 5, 2016 2:33:00 pm
drink and drive, drink and drive video, viral video, 2 foreigners in bollywood, 2 foreigners in bollywood video, mumbai funny videos, funny videos, latest news, trending videos, mumbai news, entertainment news, indian express Their take on drunk driving has left people laughing. (Source: 2 Foreigners In Bollywood/ Facebook)

We have been warned about drinking and driving over and over again but it somehow doesn’t register with many. Strict punishment, gory pictures or videos of accidents, health hazard nothing keeps the repetitive offender at bay or even the casual drinkers thinking they might just get away.

So what exactly would help people realise the serious effects of it, any tool that would hit the right chord? Well, it certainly could be humour, rather trolling, and it worked. Don’t believe us; then look at this awesome video by ‘2 foreigners in Bollywood’. The Swedish pair who have gifting us hilarious spoofs and original videos about their experiences in India and particularly in Mumbai is out with a new one.

This time the duo decided to troll drunkards and teach them a lesson with their funny take on the situation. The video shows a drunk man coming on a motorbike stopping to buy a pack of cigarettes from a street vendor (played by Hampus Bergqvist, who has also acted in film Banjo with Riteish Deshmukh). When the vendor asks for money, the man shows of his ritualistic ‘tewar’ and asks “abbe, janta nahi kya mujhe?” Well, this might be the regular flamboyance to evade situations, but not in this case. What happens next is just comical but hell as entertaining.

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The vendor puts his portable tray hanging from his neck down, and bluffs the drunk by picking the bike key and throwing it far away (only he doesn’t!). As soon as the man rushes to get his key, off goes the vendor with his bike.

To make the video even more relatable and amazing the creators have used classic Mohammad Rafi song ‘Yeh hain Mumbai meri jaan’ from CID, as a background score and it absolutely compliments the video, to remind us the smartness Mumbai has to offer.

Watch video here

In less than a week that video has been liked overtly and has more than 1.5 million views and has been shared nearly 17,000 times, at the time of writing.

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