Viral Video: Star of Marathi show Vithu Mauli takes #BottleCapChallenge on TikTok

Viral Video: Star of Marathi show Vithu Mauli takes #BottleCapChallenge on TikTok

A new TikTok #BottleCapChallenge is doing rounds on social media. This challenge features people knocking off the caps of bottles with a kick, without using the hands. A TikTok user named Vaibhav created his own version of the bottle cap challenge.

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A new addition to the existing bizarre trends on TikTok is the Bottle Cap Challenge, which will leave you ROFL-ing.

The #BottleCapChallenge on social media has people kicking off the caps of bottles and plenty of celebrities from India and abroad have shared videos of them attempting to perform the challenge. But TikTok user @VaibhavShetkar posted a version of the bottle cap challenge involving actor Ajinkya Raut, who stars in a Marathi show titled Vithu Mauli.

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The video shows Raut dressed as Lord Krishna and uncapping the bottle without moving his feet. He merely gestures with his hand and the cap of the bottle flies off.

Watch the video here :

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Raut isn’t the only one to provide an alternate take on this unusual challenge. Pop singer Mariah Carey showed that a bottle’s cap can be knocked off using your voice.