WATCH: Sharks swimming near the beach shore leave human lives in danger

A video of sharks swimming near the Garden City Pier has now gone viral, with over 14 million views.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 20, 2017 1:31:59 am
viral video, Myrtle Beach Getaway, latest viral video, life in danger, danger beach life, sharks on the beach, south Carolina, North Carolina, Viral video on facebook, trending video on facebook, global trending video, indian express, indian express news Sharks swimming at the beach shore. (Source: Cody Kinzer/Facebook)

Captured on Tuesday afternoon by Cody Kinzer of King, North Carolina, a viral video shows at least five sharks swimming in the ocean and at one point two of the sharks are just a few feet away from the coastline. Posted by Myrtle Beach Getaway on Facebook, it put the spotlight on those sharks swimming really close to the beachside at Garden City Beach, South Carolina and frightened onlookers.

“…seeing these sharks this close to shore was surprising…I’ve fished a lot down there so I know they are always out there and I’ve seen plenty but I’ve never seen 8-10 sharks this close behaving the way they were,” Kinzer said in a Facebook message. Take a look at his Facebook post here.

The terrifying viral video which has freaked beach goers, has garnered over 14 million views so far. Not just that, it has also collected over 2.8 lakh shares and more than 39,000 reactions, at the time of writing. One commenter said, “And that is why I don’t swim in the ocean,” while another wrote: “One of the reasons I’m afraid to get in the water and go any deeper than past my knees.”

People are cursing these sharks as it would be really dangerous for them to visit the beach next time. But surprisingly, there are few viewers on Facebook, who seemed to be concerned about the sharks instead. One user commented: “Why? What is causing them to come up so close to shore? I would think there’d be more and better food out far? Are they sick? Are they breeding? What? Anyone know?”

The caption of this viral video reads, “Look how close these sharks are swimming to the shore! This video was taken by Cody Kinzer of King, NC from the Garden City Pier, which is about 5 miles South of Myrtle Beach.”

Watch the video here.

Scary, right?

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