VIDEO: #KFCCrisis has the police rattled, and this rant has got everyone talking, including Burger King

VIDEO: #KFCCrisis has the police rattled, and this rant has got everyone talking, including Burger King

The KFCCrisis is no joke with people posting rants that have taken over the Internet, brands offering rice boxes and a very exasperated police department that had tweet out to people requesting them to stop calling the Police if their 'favourite eatery is not serving the menu that you desire'.

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KFC recently apologised to customers, blaming “teething problems” with its new delivery partner when it had to close doors after it ran short of chicken. (Source: AP, Twitter)

Thousands of chicken lovers across the United Kindom are heartbroken when their favourite KFC ran out of chicken! Yes, the finger-lickin’ good delectables are not available in certain parts, and it has led to a severe crisis in the country. Most of the outlets were forced to close their doors and people took to Twitter to share their pain and anger. And if you think all this a joke and people are not actually bothered by the #KFCCrisis, then you much check out the reaction of an irked customer that has now gone viral.

“I’ll get a free rice box then for coming down,” the woman demanded. In a small clip, shown on ITV News, the angry woman was seen saying, she “had to go to Burger King”! The video grabbed the attention of scores of people on Twitter, who started sharing it. Some even described it as gold!

Watch the clip here:

The clip quickly went viral and people couldn’t stop laughing about it.

And not just Tweeple, the clip also grabbed KFC’s attention! Yes, the fast-food joint came up with a hilarious reply and it further led to a laughing riot on Twitter.

Seeing KFC’s response there was no way Burger King would have stayed away from offering some rice boxes to this lady. So, quickly they chipped in too.

In case, you are thinking all this rage and anger is too funny to be true, then you are mistaken. The KFC Crisis is so serious that hundreds of people started calling the cops! Yes, so much that they had to issue a statement on Twitter.

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