VIDEO: Man dancing to ‘Aaja O Meri Tamanna’ in the snow has everyone ROFL-ing!

Wearing just a vest and shorts, the man, who appears to be Indian, not only dances on the street where it's snowing but also rolls over on frosty roads mimicking popular Bollywood moves.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: January 7, 2018 5:23:48 pm
snow videos, funny video, funny dance videos, bizarre videos, hindi spoof videos, viral videos, indian express Romancing in the snow in just a ganji and shorts, someone’s been watching too much Bollywood? (Source: Yo Yo Funny Singh‏/ Twitter)

With winter and snowy landscapes, what we usually expect is a beautiful picture or video of a journey, scenic beauty  or some kind of fun activities. Be it like a snowball fight, building a snowman or even sledding, but have you seen someone out on snow-covered streets dancing and rolling on the ground in just a ganji and underpants? No woollens whatsoever! And we’re not talking Bollywood here. Well, a video that’s gone viral shows a man lip-syncing to the hit song Aaja O Meri Tamanna and rolling around in the snow, as if completely unaware of the concept of freezing.

Yes, wearing just a vest and shorts, the man, who has been identified as Indian on various social media platforms, not only dances on the street where it’s snowing but also rolls over on frosty roads. And if his filmy poses were not enough of Bollywood fever, he ends his performance with a modulated Dabaang dialogue, “Sardi se darr nahi lagta saab, garmi se lagta hai”.

The video was shared on Twitter by a user, who goes by the name Yo Yo Funny Singh and took a jibe at Trump’s decision to put an end to the H1B1 visa but many users feel the video was shot either in UK or Canada and not in the US.

Watch the video here.

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