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Thursday, July 19, 2018

VIDEO: There’s a Pakistani barber who lights people’s hair on fire to give a cut, literally!

Looks like Pakistan's on a role with social media fame.

By: Trends Desk | Published: January 13, 2017 5:01:16 pm
Most bizarre style of giving a haircut ever? Most bizarre style of giving a haircut ever?

You may have heard of barbers choosing different styles to give their customers a haircut but this one Pakistani barber has an extremely bizarre and dangerous way of giving a haircut. He plays with fire on people’s head and quite literally. His video has gone viral on social media.

Pakistani journalist Omar R Quraishi, best known in India for his hate-filled tweets against performance of the country in sports, tweeted out the video of this barber who can be seen giving a man a haircut. He put some lotion and powder on the man’s hair and then takes out his lighter to light his hair on fire. The barber then uses a comb and a pair of scissors to cut the man’s hair criss-crossing his hand while one just wonders what the barber is doing.

It’s surprising to see that the man who’s getting a haircut doesn’t feel a thing and is placed on his seat comfortably.

The video posted by Quraishi is being massively shared on social media. While some are concerned and calling the act dangerous, some are just shocked. Watch the video here.

This is how people reacted.

Looks like Pakistan’s on a role with social media fame. First the chaiwala and how this barber!

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