WATCH: This video of a snake vomiting a plastic bottle is the most bizarre thing you will watch today

The snake had gulped the plastic bottle and was in great distress, Seeing it suffer, onlookers called snake catcher - Gautam Bhagat who helped the animal vomit the bottle.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 29, 2017 2:48:43 pm
animal videos, funny animal videos, bizarre animal videos, snake vomiting plastic bottle, indian express, indian express news The snake had gulped the plastic bottle from a garbage dump, assuming it to be food. (Source: Prudent Media Goa/ Youtube)

It would perhaps be not too wrong to say that human beings have not been kind to the environment. From recklessly cutting trees to carelessly dumping waste, we all are, albeit in varying degrees, guilty of being thoughtless and imprudent. Plastic bags and bottles are seldom disposed of properly, though there have been provisions made for this, in most places. As a result ,animals, while eating food from bins, often end up swallowing them too.

Something similar happened in Goa where a snake, possibly a cobra, while eating food from a bin ended up gulping down an entire plastic bottle. Yes, you read that right. In a video that has been doing rounds on social media one can see the snake being in great distress, after swallowing the bottle.

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Onlookers, seeing this immediately called a snake catcher – Gautam Bhagat, seeking help.  It was Bhagat who understood that the snake was feeling choked and helped it vomit the bottle.

Watch the video here.

This reckless dumping have also led to oceans brimming with plastic trash, thereby damaging the health of the fishes. In fact researchers at University of California found plastic and fibrous debris in 25 per cent of the fish sold in Indonesian and California markets. This recent incident only reminds us to be more thoughtful and careful towards the environment.

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