VIDEO: Robbers struggle to catch cash they stole as wind plays ‘spoilsport’

A video clip shows two robbers running from the scene of crime in the UK, when a strong gust of wind caused minor 'mishap', leading to them watching their 'earnings' blowing away in the wind.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 16, 2018 6:21:44 pm

money flies away robbery fails, robbery fails, cctv footage robbery, funny robbery fails video, money flies away, robbers cash cash, robbers catch cash as they fly away, indian express, indian express news The two robbers had gone to travel agents and had over-stuffed their pockets with cash. (Source: GM Police/YouTube)

The universe sometimes has the strangest of ways to give a person his/her due. While a week back we saw a thief getting hit on the head while fleeing from the crime scene, here’s another instance of a thief getting his just desserts after a robbery in Droylsden, England, where the whole incident had been recorded as CCTV footage. The video clip, uploaded online by the local police, shows two robbers escaping with cash when a strong gust of wind hits them from the opposite direction.

Unable to withstand the force, currency notes that were stuffed in the trousers of one of the robbers blew away and were scattered across the empty street. His partner in crime – unable to do much – fled the scene, as he looked on helplessly as the cash blew away in the wind.

According to reports, the incident took place on March 17. The two robbers had gone to a travel agent’s office on Queens Walk and stolen the money from the staff. In doing so, they had apparently overstuffed their pockets and perhaps this led to the ‘mishap’.

Watch the video here.

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