SHOCKING VIDEO of a man spiking a girl’s drink without her knowledge goes viral; Netizens outraged

SHOCKING VIDEO of a man spiking a girl’s drink without her knowledge goes viral; Netizens outraged

A video shared on Twitter shows how a man spikd the drink of a girl, and she didn't even get a hint of it. The girl was taking a video of herself and her friends at a music festival in Brazil, when the incident was captured. The video has caused quite a stir on social media.

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The man was caught spiking the drink of the girl while she taking a video of herself. (Source: @Jaeda_sky/Twitter)

That women’s safety is a huge area of concern is not new. And this video that has gone viral on social media is proof of that. The clip is of a woman taking a selfie video, reportedly at a music festival in Escarps on the Lake, Brazil, along with her friends, when one can see a guy simply dropping something into her cup without her knowledge. The girl was later identified as Kristal Santos, and the video was posted on Twitter by @Jaeda_sky, subsequently creating a huge uproar online regarding the dangers challenging women’s safety.

Netizens assume this could be one of the many ‘rape pills’ used to spike the drinks of women, which could often lead to sexual assault once the victim is unconscious. The preposterousness of the act is evident in the caption accompanying it, “I’ll never understand how a dude can be so wack with no game and feel the need to be such a disgusting predator. Ladies watch your drinks! Watch her cup.”


Watch the video here.

While most reactions to the video were of anger and disgust, some questioned whether it was all staged. However, after the video went viral, Santos posted a long message on Instagram saying that she did not drink from the cup, and that it was already empty. “I’m glad the video is echoing in a positive way, as an alert for everyone to take more care of their glasses, including me. I bet that just like my mother everyone’s mother has warned a thousand times to be careful with the glasses, I thought she exaggerated … but it is not an exaggeration, because we always think that with us this will never happen, but the truth is that it can happen anytime, anywhere,” she wrote in Portuguese.

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