VIDEO: Deleted Facebook? Here’s what you can do next

VIDEO: Deleted Facebook? Here’s what you can do next

Wondering what to do in your free time now as you've deleted your Facebook account? Here's a video doing the rounds on Twitter that will help you stay busy with these hilarious tips.

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So you’ve deleted your Facebook account. Now what? Here’s help. (Source: Khalil Sehnaoui/Twitter)

With all the controversy surrounding the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data breach, many people have started questioning the collection of data by social media platforms. Remember the viral thread that shed light on the amount of information the likes of Facebook and Google store about you without you even realising it? As experts are trying to alert others about the information they are sharing, many have already deleted their accounts from the social media platform.

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However, going off Facebook have left people wondering as to how they could pass their time and stay in touch with their friends. To help keep you busy, here’s a 1.27-minute clip that entails what you can do instead of scrolling down your feed. “So you’ve deleted your Facebook account. Now what?” the tweet posted by Khalil Sehnaoui‏ has been captioned.

Watch the video here.

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