WATCH: This video on ‘bombing terrorism with mercy’ is a must watch

WATCH: This video on ‘bombing terrorism with mercy’ is a must watch

This powerful video not only condemns terrorism also clears the misconception that no religion demands killing of innocent people.

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It is important to remember what the video against terrorism says, “Bomb violence with mercy”. (Source: Zain/ Youtube)

With every passing day we can feel the effects of terrorism more intensely. It is not only rampant, but also heinous – claiming countless lives on the their absurd understanding of religion. Only a few days back on May 22, 2017 a suicide bombing was carried out at the Manchester Arena in the UK after a concert by American singer Ariana Grande, that killed 22 people and injured several more.

The haunting image of Omar Daqneesh, known as the Aleppo boy, sitting in the ambulance after the airstrike in Aleppo in 2016, is still fresh in our memory. His face, smeared with blood after being dragged from the rubble of his home, was a jolting reminder of how much terrorism can stoop. Almost paying homage to these incidents, a video has been uploaded on Youtube that tries to bring to the fore the idea that, contrary to what is believed, religion does not demand killing innocent people.

Watch the video here.

The video touches upon a series of violent attacks that happened in the name of religion, and in an extremely understated way, condemns them. It shows parallel worlds of people unaware of what is about to happen and a terrorist quietly preparing an explosive vest. As the video progresses their worlds collide, and all the victims remind the terrorist that “Worship your God with love, not terror”. It ends with a beautiful message of unity, “Let’s bomb delusion with truth. Let’s bomb violence with mercy.” The video and its powerful message becomes more relevant since the holy month of Ramadan has already started, and perhaps a fresh reminder of what religion stands for would not hurt anybody.