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Featuring Kashmiri children, this video urging people to #SayNoToWar is going viral

Interacting with many children in the tension-raddled state, she highlights in her video how "not everyone wants to be a terrorist." Shot against picturesque mountains and busy alleys of the Valley, she shows the smiling people, their hospitality and warmth.

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Featuring the innocent children of the Valley, the video highlights how the war is going to affect them. (Source: Srishti Tehri/ Youtube)

As tensions between India and Pakistan continue to simmer, there have been rallies for peace on both sides of the border. Now, there’s a video—promoting peace between the two nations—that’s creating a buzz on Instagram.

The video has been made by Srishti Tehri, who says she is a travel blogger, and attempts to counter anger against Kashmiris following the terror strike on a CRPF convoy in Kashmir’s Pulwama that killed 40 personnel.

In the video, Tehri, who is a 23-year-old student, attempts to show the impact of war on children living along the border on the Indian side.

Tehri interacts with multiple children and in the video, that is filled with visuals of picturesque mountains and busy alleys of the region, she also shows the people, their hospitality and warmth.


“I hope you understand the consequences of what you demand. Millions of lives will be affected. The environment will be harmed. The economics of both the countries will be in shambles. Aren’t you done being a keyboard warrior? Aren’t you done with all the hate? Hate ignites more hate,” Tehri writes in an appeal in the video.

Following the terror attack in Pulwama, there were multiple reports of Kashmiri students studying in other states being targeted.

Hearing a public interest litigation on February 22, the Supreme Court directed Chief Secretaries and police chiefs of states and Union territories “to take prompt and necessary action to prevent incidents of assault, threat, social boycott and such other egregious acts against the Kashmiris including students enrolled with the institutions in the respondent States and the Union Territories and other minorities” in the wake of the terror attack.