VIDEO: Yikes! You can POP the PIMPLE on this cake that took Instagram by storm

The pimple-popping cake looks quite nasty, if we may say so. Although users have agreed it is "gross", some said that it's quite "amazing" how the plan was executed.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: October 13, 2017 11:00:19 pm
bizarre trends, 2017 bizarre inventions, bizarre cakes, prank cakes, horrible cakes, unusual cakes, viral video, bizarre food trend, indian exoress The cake not only shows big red pimples on the face of a girl, but you can burst it too! (Source: @thecakescape/ Instagram)

It seems 2017 will be the year of the ‘most whacky inventions ever’! And if you think it’s just restricted to fashion and beauty trends you are highly mistaken. The quirky inventions have invaded the territory of foods too. When you think of a pimple, it’s not exactly a very pleasant feeling, right? Not only does it reoccur, but it is way too stubborn and takes time to go. But, can you imagine pimples being an art on cakes? Yes, it’s a trend now and we are not even kidding.

The brainchild of The Cakescape, a Kuala Lumpur-based company, the cake has left Netizens in a daze, and it is quite nasty. It not only shows big red pimples on the face of a girl, but the bakers have designed it in such a way you can burst a pimple to release the pus! Yes, the videos and photos have taken Instagram by storm and users are not very sure how they feel about this weird creation.

Watch the video here:

For whom this acne-filled cake was commission we have no idea, but we are wondering if it’s part of a prank for someone named Evelyn, as the cake bares her name. Though users have agreed it is “gross” but have also said it’s quite “amazing” how the plan was executed. Surely it has left “a bad taste in the mouth” for many.

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