This 69-year-old grandpa from Nepal goes to school everyday

This 69-year-old grandpa from Nepal goes to school everyday

Feeling low and can do with some inspiration? Read on.

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This 69-year-old man’s story will give you all the inspiration you were lacking. (Source: Great Big Story/Facebook)

Sometimes, we just want to lie back in bed, and look at the sun rising, birds chirping and the world go by as usual. Not because we do not have better and more important things to do, but there is no motivation or an inner call.

For starters, that is just a misconception that we have conveniently created for ourselves. Most of us who complain about lack of motivation, are just plainly lazy (let’s all just silently agree on this). This is being proved by a 69-year-old man Nepal. Durge Kami, who lives in Syangja in the Himalayan country, studies in tenth standard and looks no less than a promptly dressed 15-year-old school boy.

Kami is however, a little more than a carefree little boy heading to school. He cooks before he gets ready. The bearded grandpa, then combs his hair, ties his belt (because, proper uniform, guys) and then gets going to read and learn. In a  short film called The Senior Sophomore, uploaded by Great Big Story — a video network that tells stories on the Internet, Kami walks  to school which is one hour and twenty minutes away. He then sits on the first bench, all eager to learn all that he happened to miss in the past years.

When he gets back from school, he finishes his homework, makes sure he studies and then goes to sleep.

Watch the video here.


Somewhere in Nepal, Kami is just doing what his heart wishes to do. And today, he inspired all of us, too.