The #Cradles dance challenge on TikTok has taken the Internet by storm!

The #Cradles dance challenge on TikTok has taken the Internet by storm!

On TikTok, the #Cradles challenge has gone viral, and the users cannot resist performing the hook step inspired by Fortnight's dancing style.

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The moves inspired by online game Fortnight has taken the app by storm.

Internet challenges are the order of the virtual world and it’s not unusual for people to be completely mesmerised by a song, giving it a quirky twist. And when it comes to challenges, there is no shortage of entertaining videos on TikTok. Currently, people are engaged in the #Cradle challenge dancing to the tunes of 2019 song by Sub Urban.

However, it must be noted, it’s not the song’s official video that has people hooked on to the app for the challenge. In fact, people on the app are busy recreating a hook step, something popularised by Fortnite dance!

Yes, the beloved survival game which is also famous for the quirky and peppy dances moves, inspired a dance routine when the beat drops. Using jumpstyle, an electronic dance style which involves kicking your legs back and forth to the beat of the music while simultaneously jumping, people are shaking a leg to the song.

The transitional video


The new version of the same song is here

Yet again, it has been making people explore their talents

The brothers always have your back, man

The girl, is playing it with the beats on point

The audience is loving the new ways to perform the songs, which are seen throughout the challenge with other hashtags such as #DropDance and #Jumpstyle. The trend has taken the app by storm as people unleash their creativity with quirky moves.