These hilarious ‘steal and run’ videos on TikTok will leave you in splits!

These hilarious ‘steal and run’ videos on TikTok will leave you in splits!

The TikTok fever is still trending among the users. The TikTok app is flooded with videos on a regular basis , acting as a daily dose of entertainment for its users.

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TikTok has been keeping its users occupied with hilarious and odd challenges.

When it comes to the small video-making app, TikTok, there is a never-ending list of challenges that trend on the platform. TikTok has been serving as a source of entertainment for the users and others alike in the virtual world, and people can’t have enough of it.

As the users cannot stop themselves from making videos on the latest challenges almost every day, it doesn’t take long for one theme to trend online. The new “steal and run” trend is going viral on the app. The bizarre trend shows a series of props being taken away from a person, one after another, in a hilarious manner. And to top it all, ultimately even the person is lifted an taken away!

One of the comments on the platform aptly described the trend as, “Sabh loot kar legaye (They looted everything)”.

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Here are some of the clips trending on the app :

The fast and furious film trailer

The selfie is still pending

Once you have seen it, you can’t unsee it

The gully boy

The Indian superman is here