WATCH: Man slowly massages a tennis ball out of snake’s mouth

WATCH: Man slowly massages a tennis ball out of snake’s mouth

The 37-second video shows a snake handler slowly pushing the red tennis ball up the vertebrate's body.

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The team manipulated the snake for over 20 minutes. (Source: Townsville Snakehandlers/Facebook)

An Australian organisation that provides professional reptile relocations and training services to the Townsville region recently shared a video on Facebook that has become a sensation online. We may not like snakes sneaking up on us in our homes, but give us a snake video online any day, and we’d watch it in a jiffy.

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The 37-second video shows a snake handler, from Townsville Snakehandler, pushing a tennis ball out of the snake’s skin and forcing it to throw up the ball that it had accidentally swallowed.

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Putting across the question “what do you serve but not eat?” the Facebook post puzzles viewers first and then shocks them. Referring to the tennis ball, the video shows how the snake handler massages it out of the snake’s body. The post says the home owners had spotted the creature and noticed the lump on its body. After going to a snake catcher, it was brought to Trish for investigation. An X-ray test divulged that it was a tennis ball that stuck in the snake’s throat.

The team managed to push out the ball after manipulating the snake for over 20 minutes. After some RnR, the snake will be fed a normal food item and then be released back to the wild!

Later, the team updated its viewers by sending across the message that the snake had been successfully fed another item and will be released out in the woods soon.

The video, posted on February 8, has already garnered around two million views in just four days.

Watch the video here: