WATCH: Hilarious robbery fail as thief knocks partner down unconscious

WATCH: Hilarious robbery fail as thief knocks partner down unconscious

In an attempt to rob an area, two masked thieves wearing hoods threw bricks to break-in. While the first person managed to aim the target, the second missed and knocked his partner unconscious instead.

Not all robberies are planned to the T, unlike what they show in movies such as the Italian Job or Ocean’s Eleven. While some end up being successful, which surely is not good for the person being robbed, others end up being an absolute failure. However, when these failed theft attempts are caught on camera, they act as fodder for people on social media.

A video, which has gone viral online, shows two masked individuals wearing hoodies and trying to break in an area using objects that look like bricks. While the first person aims the object towards the target, the other unfortunately misses it and hits his partner instead. Realising the blunder, he then grabs his unconscious partner and drags him away. The 0.49-minute clip, which had over 1,43,000 views at the time of writing, is reportedly from Shanghai, China.

“If all burglars were like this, we wouldn’t need to work overtime,” wrote the Shanghai Public Security Bureau on Weibo.

Watch the video here.

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