VIDEO: Bored? Try popping a fake pimple with this new toy

VIDEO: Bored? Try popping a fake pimple with this new toy

Feeling bored? Would you like to pop a pimple and squeeze out the pus? Seems like you don't need real pimples anymore to do that. A toy, created by a US couple, is a silicon slab with holes which break out and ooze pus when you squeeze them.

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Yikes! Would you want to give it a try? (Source: Pop it Pal/YouTube)

There are many things on social media that may satisfy some people, while leaving others grossed out. Remember the bizarre cake with big red pimples on the face of a girl? Well, it seems some people aren’t yet done with their pimple-popping obsession. While the cake in which you could burst the pimple to release the pus created quite a buzz, it seems like the act of popping a pimple has really caught up with many people.

A YouTube channel — going by the name of Pop It Pal, created by US couple Billy and Summer Pierce — recently posted multiple videos of a toy silicon slab with 15 holes. Wondering how it is related to popping a pimple? Interestingly, as you squeeze these holes, the it makes you feel like you’re popping a pimple to let out the pus. Want to pop some?

Watch the video here.