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Move aside cats and kittens, these baby bunnies are just as adorable

After watching this video, you will definitely agree that baby bunnies deserve a place alongside cute cat, kitten and baby videos.

cute bunny 2 (Source: Break/Facebook)

This video — posted on Facebook by Break — featuring baby bunnies was just meant to be cute. While the Internet is going gaga over these little fur balls (the video has been shared over a million times), some people have raised objections citing animal cruelty. You can judge for yourself:

Some Facebook users, however, defended the video by refuting the allegations.

One user posted, “Because suddenly everyone on Facebook is an expert in animal cruelty right? LMAO stop your whining and enjoy the cute video, babies. If the animals didn’t enjoy being in the glasses they would be trying to get out, they can easily poke their heads out but they quickly put it back down.”

Another posted, “Seriously, none of the people on this thread have ever owned rabbits, obviously. Anyone who thinks these little guys aren’t capable of jumping out is purely stupid. Lol Rabbits can get into and out of just about anything. Nature kinda designed them that way. The one “struggling” is just getting comfortable. People are dense. Lol.”

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One backed up the defence using numbers, “A rabbit’s dimensions are between 1/2-1 inch LESS than actually seen due to fur. Fur is collapsible. Therefore, they have approximately 1/2-1 inch space all the way around. This extra fluff barrier is larger on long-haired bunnies… In the event that these bunnies were in danger, no amount of shoving would get them into the cups, much less keep them there. Bunnies, as with cats, feel more secure in smaller spaces. This is why cats get into bags, boxes, cubbies, behind things, and dark corners. It’s their comfort zone…Those bunnies are FAR from being mistreated as indicated by their cleanliness, their clear eyes, ears, and feet, and the fact that they feel comfortable enough in that environment to sleep.”

Cruel or not, after watching this video, you will definitely agree that baby bunnies deserve a place alongside cute cat, kitten and baby videos.

First published on: 22-12-2015 at 03:05:03 pm
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