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‘Yeh kya back-wash hai?’ This portable handshower ad will leave you LOL-ing!

The ad features four women seductively complaining about the lack of hygienic ways to deal with loo-situations while travelling, when one of them pulls out the 'miraculous' travel handshower as a solution to all their travel-toilet woes.

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The girls in the video are seen glorifying the handshower as their one-stop solution for all ‘toilet hygiene issues’. (Source: Twitter)

Travelling abroad but you’re a stickler for bathroom hygiene? Love heading out to Europe, the US and UK, but hate the fact that you’d have to deal with just wiping yourself using toilet paper every time you needed to go to the loo? Well, turns out you’re not the only one with that concern, and there is a VERY handy solution –  a travel hand shower that can be attached to any tap in the bathroom, and you’re set for a squeaky clean derriere.

Not only does this product exist, but there is a video that’s floating around online, advertising the nifty gadget – and it is HILARIOUS! If you thought you’d be satisfied to see PM Narendra Modi, Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan to talk about maintaining personal hygiene and construction of toilets, then these four women listing out the travails of travelling (ewwwwww), of which not having clean loos will make you change your mind, because this video is all you need to realise what your travel kit has been missing – A Milano Shattaf, which is basically a portable handshower with a pouch.

The video – which, according to a few report, was an ad by a Dubai-based retailer – is being widely shared on social media as one of the funniest things you’d watch today. And we’re not exaggerating. In the video, all the girls ‘seductively’ complain about no water on foreign shores, saying ‘ewwwwww’ at every plausible instance of a jugaad by way of mugs and water bottles, till one of them shows them the shattaf, making them (and us!) realise what they’ve been missing all their travelling lives.

Watch the hilarious video here

While some found the video hilarious, other were confused about the purpose of the product. Check out how Twitterati reacted to the ‘magical hose’:

According to a Dubai-based website, the ad was apparently pull down after being heavily ridiculed on social media.

If this had you gaffawing, well, there’s another ‘family in Paris’ ad as well. Watch the video here.