Listen these girls groove to Siri’s response to a Math question with some Carnatic music — it’s awesome

You may have asked Siri some 'challenging' questions, but we bet you haven't grooved to her answer quite like this.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 25, 2016 12:15:46 am
Siri-music_759 “Siri, what is one trillion to the 10th power?” (Source: Screenshot)

If you own an Apple phone, it’s quite likely that you’ve spent hours (maybe not all together) asking Siri challenging questions that ‘she’ probably won’t have an answer to. Or just trying out different answers that Siri would give for the heck of it.

There would also have been times when your mathematically challenged self would have taken the easy way out and transferred that bugging Math problem on to Siri. Well, that’s what this guy did, kind of. Except that what followed is simply amazing.

In this video, that has gone viral since it was shared on Facebook on January 21, a guy asks Siri: “Siri, what is one trillion to the 10th power?” As Siri calculates the answer and responds, two girls sitting in the background groove to with response in the most fascinating way. (Hint: What do you think happens when Math and music combine?)

To know what happens next, watch the video here.


We wonder if this is what they call a Siri rap?

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