‘What if you don’t like who they pick?’: Jimmy Kimmel asks an Indian couple about ‘arranged marriages’

Trying to understand the notion of "arranged marriage", Jimmy Kimmel went on to ask an Indian couple to explain the procedure as to how exactly was their match fixed. Watch the behind-the-scenes video here.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 22, 2018 3:53:07 pm
Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel arranged marriage video, indian couple explain arrange marriage to Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel show, Jimmy Kimmel viral video, Jimmy Kimmel videos, indian express, indian express news Jimmy Kimmel was confused when an Indian couple told him that their marriage was arranged. (Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube)

While the concept of arranged marriages may not sound odd to Indians, it surely is an alien concept abroad. And, TV show host Jimmy Kimmel seems to be one of those who know little about how it works. Quite interestingly, while talking to the audience before one of his shows, Kimmel ended up asking an Indian couple about their marriage and was shocked to find out that it was their parents who had fixed the wedding of the two.

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Trying to understand the notion of “arranged marriage”, he went on to ask the couple to explain the procedure and how exactly was their match fixed. Intrigued by the explanation, Kimmel wondered whether the Indian couple would allow their own children to pick the partner of their choice or not? Curious to know their answer?

Watch the video here:


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