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Monday, July 16, 2018

India vs Pakistan: This camel predicts Pak will defeat India in ICC Champions Trophy match

We've had Chanakya the fish and Paul the octopus to predict sport results before, and now there's this camel.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 4, 2017 4:38:42 pm
india vs pakistan match, champions trophy, camel predicting india pakistan match, indian express, indian express news The camel was brought from a zoo in Lahore to predict the outcome of the India-Pakistan match in the ICC Champions Trophy. (Source: Youtube)

Few things in life is as nerve-wracking as an India Pakistan match. Even if you are not a devout follower of cricket, you cannot claim to remain unaffected when the arch-rivals meet and play against each other. Prayers are offered, all superstitions are followed as fans wait with bated breath to watch the outcome of the match. It is also a common practice to predict the result of the watch and as India and Pakistan are busy fighting it out against each other in the Champions Trophy, a journalist in Pakistan went ahead and let a camel from Lahore’s zoo take the call.

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After all, we did have Chanakya the fish and Paul the octopus, who have become household names predicting sporting results.

In a video, that seems to be from Geo TV, which is now being widely shared online, one can see there are two placards, mentioning the name of the nations, kept next to each to each other. While the left one reads Bharat or India, the one on the right reads Pakistan.

And lo and behold, the camel stoops and chooses the placard that says Pakistan.

Watch the video here.

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