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Sunday, December 08, 2019

‘When jail is better than canal algae’: Man jumps into filthy water to evade arrest, seeks cop’s help to pull him out

Due to the consumption of the algae, he fell sick and was taken to a local hospital and was subsequently cleared. He was later transferred to Lee County Jail.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 8, 2018 9:51:36 am
algae helps cop arrest, florida canal algae helps cops, funny video, funny police chase, stupid criminal video, funy news, viral video, indian express The man can be heard screaming, “I’m going to die” realising how dirty the water was after swallowing some algae. (Source: Cape Coral Police Department/ Facebook)

Netizens just love watching videos of high-speed chases, be it Tom and Jerry or a cop and suspect. Recently, Facebook users got hooked to a video released by Florida Police that had the potential to escalate into an adrenaline-filled pursuit, but it’s what happened during the act that has people rolling with laughter.

Well, as it happened, a man was stopped by a cop for overspeeding. He did stop but didn’t want to get arrested. So, after parking his vehicle, the man tried to flee as he jumped into a nearby waterbody, with the cop tailing him closely. Just that the water he jumped into was so filthy and infested with algae that he came rushing back to the same officer for help! Karma, anyone?

According to a press release by the Cape Coral Police Department, the man later identified as Abraham Duarte. “The officer gave chase and found that Duarte jumped into a canal and began swimming away. Several other Cape Coral Police officers saturated the area and set up a perimeter,” it read.

“Duarte was overcome with the algae in the water after he swallowed some and quickly began swimming back to the original officer that stopped him,” it added. The video released by Cape Coral PD showed he extending his hand to be pulled out of the water. The cop rescued him but only to handcuff him.

[Disclaimer: Video contains strong language, discretion is advised]

Watch video here:

People were left in splits seeing the video and many lauded the cop for helping him and clearing the algae off him.

The suspect also fell sick and taken to a nearby hospital after he ingested algae from the waterbody. He was subsequently cleared and transferred to Lee County Jail.

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