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Thursday, June 04, 2020

Father trains pet dog to ‘watch over’ daughter while doing homework; cute video goes viral

The father decided to train the four-legged supervisor well so that it can guard his child against using the cellphone while doing homework.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 14, 2019 12:33:12 pm
man train dog to supervise daughter, dog helps with homework, smart dog videos, dog videos, cute animal video, viral dog videos, off news, funny news, indian express The dog can be seen seriously guarding the girl so that she doesn’t touch her phone.

The relationship between children and pets is adorable and in most cases, it’s very much like a bond between siblings. A resourceful dad in China decided to take this relationship a little further. Wanting his daughter to concentrate on her homework, the man in southwestern China’s Guizhou province got an adorable supervisor to watch over her – their dog.

To do this task, the father decided to train the four-legged supervisor well, so that it can guard his child against using the cellphone while doing homework.

Adorable video going viral on Chinese social media platforms shows the cream-coloured mongrel standing on its hind legs, looking over the young girl as she completes her task. The dog was trained by the girl’s father, surnamed Xu, to put its front paws up on the table and watch over her so that she doesn’t get distracted when she does her homework every night, according to Shanghaiist.

Talking to the news site, Pear Xu said his daughter would always dilly-dally and got distracted while doing her studies, so he had to do something to make sure she was concentrating well.

“I have been training it since it was young and now it does whatever I tell it to do. I pointed at the coffee table and told it to watch my daughter as she does her homework,” he added. “It would then guard her and make sure she doesn’t reach for her phone.”

However, that’s not the only talent the dog has. Later in the video, the dog is seen showing tricks.

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