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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

‘She’s the hero of my story’: This daughter’s post about her mother will warm your heart

A girl shared the inspiring story of her mother with Humans of Bombay. In her Facebook post, she spoke about how her mother fought for her, cared for her and gave her the life not many can dream of. Read the heartwarming tale here.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 15, 2018 6:56:02 pm
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The bond between a mother and her child cannot be explained in words. She loves her child, yes, but is also fiercely protective of her baby. She can be the friend, hero and saviour all at the same time. Talking about one such bond, a girl shared her heatwarming story on with Humans of Bombay.

In her post, she shared the many hardships and struggle her mother had to go through. Forced to take the responsibility at a tender age, her mother was the powerhouse of her own household a “sister, a mother, a friend”. Although her mother got married, things soon took a difficult turn when she became a widow at 32. “Six years after my father’s passing, we moved to a new apartment that we owned. All the formalities, the paperwork, the loans, she figured out on her own.  She’s always been unstoppable,” she shared.

Read the full post here.

“My mom was just 16 when she lost her own mother to cancer. Her father was nearing retirement and was getting older and weaker by the day, so she decided to step up — she took full responsibility of her younger siblings.  She began to work part-time while attending college and earned only Rs. 100 a month. With that she managed to buy the groceries and run the house. After graduation, she got a job with a diamond merchant––that allowed her to give her sister the opportunity to study with the money she earned. And when my aunt got married, it was my mother, her sister who gave her away. She was their powerhouse––a sister, a mother, a friend.

She had me a few years after she married my dad, but in 1999 we lost him to an accident. At 32, she was a widow…she never remarried.  But she didn’t let that get in the way of giving me the best life possible. Six years after my father’s passing, we moved to a new apartment that we owned. All the formalities, the paperwork, the loans, she figured out on her own.  She’s always been unstoppable. But besides being a working, independent woman, she’s a mom—and she’s always found ways to put me first!

As a child, I remember she would get 10 days off from work for Diwali. And for those 10 days, we were inseparable––it felt like a grand vacation filled with snacks, movies and a lot of cuddles.  She’s urged me to be independent and yet I choose to be linked to her…our bond is unbreakable. She’s strict and a bit old school, and I’m untamable at times––but together, we make our differences work. She’s my best friend…the hero of my story.

I asked her once where she gets her strength from and she said, ‘The universe and God have guided me, because I was always meant to be your mom.’ She’s managed to give me a life that not many can even dream of. I don’t know how she juggled so much—working full time and raising a child all by herself, but she’s given me a standard to live by and if I become even half the woman she is, I’ll know I’ve done something right.”

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