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Dancers’ performance merging Bharatnatyam and Hip-Hop leaves internet in awe

Many said that while many foreigners have been going viral dancing to Indian songs, it's nice to see Indian traditional dance forms breaking the internet.

bharatnatyam and hiphop, fusion dance, bharatnatyam hippop dance video, HybridBharatham, viral video, indian expressDubbed as 'HybridBharatham', the choreographer said it is her "way of switching between Hip-Hop and Bharathanatyam".

Arts transcends all borders and language barriers, and unites people from all across the globe. An example of this is a recent performance by a group of dancers who merged Hip-Hop with Bharatnatyam. The beautiful amalgamation of the two distinctly different dance forms has left everyone mesmerised online.

While fusion dances are not uncommon in popular culture, the beautiful choreography showing three dancers in saree grooving to Lil Wayne’s 2018 hit ‘Uproar’ ft. Swizz Beatz, has taken all by surprise. Merging delicate moves seen in the Indian classical dance form with the edgy style of locking-and-popping of Hip-Hip, the graceful execution of the dance routine has set the internet on fire.

Choreographed by Usha Jey, a Paris-based dancer-choreography — Jey shared the stage with dancing duo Mithuja & Janusha for her recent collaboration.

[Disclaimer: Strong language, viewers’ discretion is advised]

Watch the video here:

“#HybridBharatham is my way of switching between Hip-Hop and Bharathanatyam, 2 dances that I love, learn and respect. My aim is to keep the essence of each dance and create something that do justice to who I am,” Jey wrote on Instagram.

As the clip went viral across social media sites, it caught the attention of Swizz Beatz who retweeted the video on Twitter.

People on social media, including many celebrities, couldn’t stop showering praises on the three talented dancers. While many said they were not big fans of fusion dance covers, they admitted this video blew their minds.

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Many said it’s nice to see Indian traditional dance forms breaking the internet.

First published on: 24-05-2022 at 05:36:44 pm
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