Crazy weddings: Kolhapur couple gets married dangling 295ft up in the air (video)

Crazy weddings: Kolhapur couple gets married dangling 295ft up in the air (video)

In a bid to have a unique wedding, this trek-loving couple in Kolhapur got married dangling from a ropeway - 295ft up in the air.

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Talk about being crazy in love!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that marriage is an adventure – and this Kolhapur-based couple seems to have taken that ideology very seriously, kicking off a lifetime of wedded bliss with a crazy and adventurous ceremony.

Zehdir and Reshma from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, are like any other couple who want their wedding day to be memorable and unique. While many think of hiring wedding planners and going for extravagant weddings to do this, these two took matters onto a whole different plane – 295ft high up in the air to be exact! The couple decided to tie the knot in an unconventional ceremony dangling mid-air.

“I wanted to make my wedding different,” Zehdir told ABP News.

The couple who are fond of trekking and even first met each other on a trek decided to get married while hanging on a ropeway. Even the wedding priest sportingly dressed up for the occasion, getting hauled up mid-air, the necessary puja items packed up in a bag and attached to his waist. The bride and groom were both dressed in traditional Marathi wedding attire with the safety harness attached on to the duo on top of the sari and kurta.


According to the couple, all the necessary precautions were taken so that their security and safety don’t get compromised. What was also interesting was that except for the the actual mandap, every other ritual was performed according to tradition – from reading the mantras and shubh drishti to the exchange of garlands.

Watch a video of the unique wedding here.

According to reports, much like the photographers at a regular wedding who would almost choreograph the wedding to make sure they get their shots, this one was no different, and the couple had to do several retakes so as to make sure every bit of the wedding was caught on camera – both video and still.