WATCH: Commuters fined for travelling with COUCH and FRIDGE on local train

WATCH: Commuters fined for travelling with COUCH and FRIDGE on local train

In the video one can see a man carrying a refrigerator through the crowd and even entering the train with it, till he is brought outside by the the railway security officials. Just moments later one can see another man standing at the platform with a huge black couch.

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The video has been shared more than 3,000 times on Facebook. (Queensland Rail/Facebook)

Traveling in a train can be a delight, but can also be quite a shocker when if you happen to glance at the bizarre items that people carry with them while commuting. Recently, two men from Brisbane Australia, stretched things too far when one of them carried a full size refrigerator and the other was caught traveling with a couch. According to a report in the ABC Network, both the incidents took place at Brisbane’s Bowen Hills train station this year. The footage of the same was shared by Queensland Rail on their Facebook page with the caption,”Today’s #TrainEtiquetteTuesday is a simple one: please book a removalist.”

In the video, one of the men can be seen carrying a refrigerator, rather nonchalantly, through the crowd at Bowen Hills platform, and even entering the train with it. However, he is soon held and brought outside by the railway security officials. Later, he was also fined — approximately Rs 16,240.14 ($252) for the fridge — for taking an over-sized item onto the train.

Just moments later, in another footage, one can see a man taking a couch off at Bowen Hills. At first, he leaves the couch on the platform for a while, then moves it down the platform and then finally puts it into a lift before finding a shopping trolley to take it the rest of the way.

The video has been share more than 3,000 times, at the time of writing.

Watch the video here.

Appalling, isn’t it?