Watch: This US mom’s hilarious video is the most viral in Facebook’s history

Facebook user Candace Payne became an overnight sensation when she made everyone's day with her infectious Chewbacca laughter.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 22, 2016 1:38:43 pm
Candace Payne, Chewbacca mask, happy Chewbacca, viral videos, most viral video on Facebook, woman wears Chewbacca mask, “I’m such a happy Chewbacca!” says latest Internet sensation Candace Payne in between fits of laughter in Facebook’s most viral video. (Source: Candace Payne/Facebook)

What did Candace Payne do to clock the most number of views on Facebook in the shortest amount of time? She simply did something for herself, for her joy. Payne made a trip to a retail store and picked up a gift for herself — not her kids, even though the gift would’ve been perfect for her children. And Payne makes us wait for over 2 minutes before revealing the surprise, while she rambles on in her super cute, kind of guilty, way.

Watch the video here.

Payne’s excitement is infectious and it’s difficult to not get swayed by her enthusiasm as she starts the video saying, “I’m really excited to share with you what I got!” She revealed that initially she was a little disappointed as the stuff didn’t fit. Before you jump to conclusions, she clarifies that’s because it was too big. “I know some of you may be thinking the opposite. Shame,” she says before hurriedly adding, “No shame. It’s all love, all love.”

In a refreshing change, Payne claimed the gift for herself, “This is MINE.” She removes the box and we see it’s Star Wars merchandise, which is enough to get many excited. “Stay patient people, stay patient. This is going to be worth it. I promise,” she says. And she does live up to the promise.

Payne flips out a Chewbacca mask and puts it on. What’s so funny about that, you ask? It’s her pure joy and happiness upon wearing the mask that has made her go viral. Payne can’t control her laughter upon wearing the mask which can also make Chewbacca-like noises.

“I’m such a happy Chewbacca!” Payne says in between fits of uncontrollable laughter. After almost two minutes of continuous laughter, she says, “This is the best birthday present to myself EVER.”

The Paynes later received a surprise from Kohl’s (the retail store where she bought her mask) in the form of even more Star Wars merchandise!

Candace Payne, Chewbacca mask, happy Chewbacca, viral videos, most viral video on Facebook, woman wears Chewbacca mask, The happy Chewbacca family! (Source: Kohl’s/Facebook)

Who knew that much-deserved self-love could also make you go viral?

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