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Bulgarian boxer faces flak after kissing woman reporter in post-match interview

Receiving backlash online, Pulev defended himself by saying, "Jenny, is actually a friend of mine." He added that the reporter later joined him in a post-match celebration.

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Pulev kissed the female journalist on the lips and walked off camera ending the interview.

A Bulgarian boxer, Kubrat Pulev, is facing flak online after he kissed a female reporter on-air during a post-match interview. Pulev, who knocked out Bogdan Dinu during a bout in California over the weekend, was so “elated” after his victory that he ended the interview with Jennifer Ravalo by kissing her.

The 38-year-old boxer’s actions left the reporter surprised while many online fumed about it. Pulev had been interviewed by Ravalo, a Vegas Sports Daily reporter who is popularly known as Jenny SuShe, after the bout where she asked him how he managed to stay “so calm” during the duel.

At the end of the interview, Ravalo asked Pulev if he deserves a shot at Britain’s former heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury. The boxer responded with a firm “Yes”, before forcibly kissing Ravalo on the lips and walking off.

Watch the video here:

Ravalo was later asked about the incident on Twitter, and said it was “embarrassing” and “strange”.

Pulev defended his actions saying, “Jenny, is actually a friend of mine.” He said that the reporter later joined him in a post-match celebration and the duo laughed and thanked each other. “There really is nothing more to this,” he said, with no apology for his actions.

However, Vegas Sports Daily called Sushe the “victim of an unwanted, unexpected and unsolicited forceful kiss.”


The news outlet said in a statement said, “What happened to Ms. Sushe was completely blindsiding and unwarranted and we share in her shock, hurt, embarrassment and general outrage. We want to make it clear that women should feel safe and comfortable to exercise the duties of their job, free of abuse, advances, harassment, etc in the workplace.”

Female reporters harassed by athletes and passersby isn’t new, and has taken place in the past during international events like the FIFA World Cup and Olympics as well.

The incident kicked off a heated debate about the harassment of women on-air.