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Monday, June 25, 2018

WATCH: This video shows that women never ‘ask for it’ and it’s time people stop blaming them

Stop blaming women for the mistakes that men make.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 17, 2017 6:51:00 pm
easy-girl_759 From how she dresses up to where she goes and how she walks or talks, why is it always the woman’s fault?

After the Nirbhaya case, Delhi came to be known as the “rape capital of the country” and Bengaluru is now the third most unsafe city for women in India.

Every other day, we read and listen to another horrific rape incident, each worse than the last one. The dialogue and discussion on changing mindset has been brought up time and again but little has changed.

Unfortunately, there are many  who put the blame on women losing touch of the Indian culture and moving towards western ways. Just like Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara and  Samajwadi Party Mumbai unit chief Abu Azmi. 

No matter what the scenario or the set-up, the buck is passed onto women, who bleed, suffer and writhe in pain. From how she dresses up to where she goes and how she walks or talks, the whistle is blown on women for being ‘modern and outspoken’. One must ponder and ask themselves whether blaming women for the mistakes that men make is the right thing to do. She may be partying late, wearing a short skirt, or hanging out with a group of guys, but she is never ‘asking’ for a man to force himself on her.

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After the recent ‘mass molestation’ Bengaluru, there were many who said that women were dressed in provocative clothes, were out till late, and that they ‘called’ for the outrageous events that followed later. If women can walk neck-to-neck with men in  educational and professional spheres, they deserve the freedom that every man claims as his own — the freedom to wear, talk, smile, speak and do whatever she wants without inviting any kind of danger.

The Easy Girl, a six-minute and 43-second video posted by Cinemonkz, shows how even if she is ‘easy to catch’, she is not one to blame. No girl asks for it. No, not even “the easy girl”.

Watch the video here.

Stop blaming and shaming women.

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