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5 fake videos Indians are watching but you should NOT

When we live in a post-truth world where alternative facts exist may not be as alternative as we would like to believe.

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Fact vs fiction – the lines sometimes blur (not!)

It’s said that reality is stranger than fiction, which is probably why we end up believing in so many things so easily. Be it a man who spends three days inside the stomach of a while like a modern-day Gepetto or another who decorates his car with Rs 2,000 notes to impress the girlfriend on Valentine’s Day – such videos and pictures, once shared online, go viral without making any sense whatsoever.

As bizarre as those sound, there are countless others in the same vein that get massive number of views. This possibly explains why we should be worried living in a post-truth world where alternative facts exist may not be as alternative as we would like to believe.

Check out these five videos that have been trending on Youtube India which have surprisingly garnered millions of views, but are obviously fake.

1. The seven-headed cobra

Sure, we have Shesh Naag in Indian mythology, but let’s face it, we’re highly unlikely to find an avatar of his slithering across the street here. Nevertheless, not only did a picture of this ‘snake’ go viral but this video unearthing the truth behind this image also got close to 10 million views at the time of writing, and that’s in less than 10 days.



2. Man almost gets run over by train

This video of a man who trying to cross the railway line with his cycle is currently the second most trending video on Youtube. Claiming to be CCTV footage, it shows how a man was rescued at the last moment from being run over by a train. It’s a different matter that the same video was trashed by media houses last year for being fake, but since we all have short attention spans, history does manage to repeat itself.


3. This kid with a face like Ganesha

Apparently a picture of a child with a face like the Hindu god Ganesha – with a small trunk for a nose and big elephant-like ears – went viral a while back with people apparently believing that this was a miracle child. No points for guessing the truth. Still, over a million views on this one.


4. The car covered in Rs 2,000 notes

Around Valentine’s Day this year, photos of a car covered in Rs 2,000 notes went viral, wherein a Mumbai-based man had apparently decorated the car thus to impress his girlfriend. It was also reported that the man was arrested as well. This, of course, was far from reality. Not only the photos, videos on the story also went viral.


5. Statue drinking milk

From Ganesha to Christ, there have been several instances of these divine statues miraculously drinking milk every couple of years. Turns out that over a million people thought this 2-minute video was worth watching.