Watch: 2-yr-old makes sister blow out candles on her birthday to cheer her up

Watch: 2-yr-old makes sister blow out candles on her birthday to cheer her up

The beautiful moment captured on camera between the two sisters is melting hearts on the Internet. People can't stop showering love on the little girl who even gave her birthday wish away to her sister as she was crying.

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People online can’t have enough of her kindness!

Having a sibling is a great gift. They are your first friends and partner in crime and can also turn into a saviour when required, someone you can rely on, as they always have got your back. And just as you can depend on them to cheer you up if upset, a little girl did the same for her sister.

In a video that is melting hearts online, a little one who was celebrating her second birthday threw the spotlight on her elder sister, a toddler herself but allowing her to blow the candles on the birthday cake! The adorable video shows, the older one visibly upset and crying, so to bring a smile on her sister’s face, the birthday girl is asking her elder sister to blow the candles along with her!

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The heartwarming gesture left many people surprised online seeing the generosity of the younger one at such a tender age.

Many on the micro-blogging site lauded and noted how rare it is to see such a thoughtful person at this age, and how she is not thinking just for herself but everyone around her. The little one’s video got 90,553 retweets and 260,491 likes at the time of writing. Seen that she is emotionally aware of the surroundings, people are showering her all the love she deserves.