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Saturday, July 21, 2018

15 super cool DIY hacks with binder clips that will make your life MUCH easier

You though paper binder clips were just for those unmanageable sheafs of paper? This video will introduce you to a world of DIY tricks that the humble binder clip can be used for. We bet this video will have a life-changing effect.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 31, 2016 1:58:37 pm
Paper clips, binder paper clips, DIY, hacks, gadgets, Phone Stand, Organizing Cable, Cellphone Stand Charger, Safe Razor Packing, Bind Cable and Charger, Securely Put Earphone, Cellphone Stand, Knitting, Put Cloth Irony, Cleaning Bar Management, Tight Seal Food Bags, Toothpaste Surrender, Watching Movie Phone Stand, Managing Money, Car keys & Cards, Pen Pencil Stand The humble paper clip isn’t as humble and dated as you think. These creative uses of binder paper clips will blow your mind. Now you know what to do with all the office stationery lying around. (Source: Youtube Screenshot)

In a digitised world, one would expect paper clips — especially binder clips — to slowly fade into extinction without anyone realising it. After all, who uses paper clips any more?

They may not be needed for their traditional use any longer, however, paper clips can be adapted into cool gadget-friendly side-support tools when you weren’t looking, or rather snubbing the humble paper clip while sending an email. This video that has gone viral across social media platforms gives you a quick look at some really creative life hacks for binder clips.

Hacks for a mess of tangled wires, a holding case for your smartphone — they are all in there, plus additional ones you didn’t know you needed — including tiny annoyances and challenges of daily living that you’ve learnt to pretend don’t bother you any more:

1. Phone Stand
2. Organising Cable
3. Cellphone Stand Charger
4. Safe Razor Packing
5. Bind Cable and Charger
6. Securely Put Earphone
7. Cellphone Stand
8. Knitting
9. Put Cloth Irony
10. Cleaning Bar Management
11. Tight Seal Food Bags
12. Toothpaste Surrender
13. Watching Movie Phone Stand
14. Managing Money, Car keys & Cards
15. Pen Pencil Stand

Watch the video here.

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