Video: TVF tribute to Mother’s Day has got motherhood all wrong

Video: TVF tribute to Mother’s Day has got motherhood all wrong

TVF's year-old Mother's Day tribute belongs in the 19th century.

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A tribute video by TVF for Mother’s Day goes overboard with stereotypes. (Screengrab)

We’re all for loving mothers and are grateful for everything they do for us, but when all mothers are portrayed as inherently sacrificial creatures it becomes problematic. TVF, which is known for making funny videos, put out a video on their Facebook page about Mother’s Day, which was full of regressive stereotypes regarding motherhood.

The video starts on a moderately funny note with ‘God’ talking on the phone deciding how to solve an earthly problem, but very soon it goes downhill.


A minute into the video ‘God’ asks an aspiring mother that why does she want to be a mom when she can be a Prime Minister, or super model or the next Bill Gates. Because apparently if you are a mother, you can’t be any of those things or to put more clearly, be successful.

TVF explicitly explains how the ‘Life of Aai’ means that after a woman becomes a mother, her life is ‘nothing.’ The sacrificial ‘mommy’ stereotype reaches nauseating levels when the ‘mom’ of the video agrees and accepts that as a mother her whole life will amount to nothing and will just revolve around her kids.


‘God’ even pulls out a book titled ‘Roles and responsibilities of a mother’ and oh what roles responsibilities they are!

‘Mothers can only eat when your children have eaten,’ to which the ‘mom’ says that she doesn’t feel hungry anyway. ‘Mothers will have to find everything for your children’ to this the mother responds, “My organizational skills are very good and fantastic memory I have.” Skills which for the record she won’t be putting to any other use.

‘Mothers will have to clean up after their children,’ which the mother obviously accepts. Because lord forbid should fathers bother to change nappies for once. (Note: Many dads do that these days). Truth is all parents do clean up after babies, but seriously no mother or father is ecstatic about it as the ‘mom’ in the video appears to be.

Then the video spells out that motherhood is ‘plain torture’ to which the ‘loving and caring’ mom replies that she doesn’t mind even being dejected by her children as long as they’re happy.

We’re not sure if this is the creators’ idea of satire but the TVF video’s reduces womanhood to just motherhood and isn’t making anyone laugh.

Watch video here: (This year old video was reposted on TVF’s Facebook page for Mother’s Day 2015 and saw over 160,000 views on Facebook alone once it was shared again.) 

PS: App users see video here.